Warehouse and Inventory

Bring harmony to your fulfillment workflow by seamlessly connecting your orders, inventory and pick and packing staff, so orders get shipped to customers faster and with less errors.

Inventory. Simplified.

Auto Inventory Sync

Have multiple brands? Simply connect your Shopify stores. Pikr will handle the rest.

Built to handle 1000's of SKUs

Our bulk inventory editor is built for speed and productivity.

Product Dimensions

Set dimensions for products to get accurate shipping quotes. Everytime.

Set flexible locations

Aisle, Bay, Shelf, Bin - A flexible system built for eCommerce.

Works with Pikr Go

Order picking and batching uses inventory locations to optimise picking paths.

Smart QR Codes

Scan while picking with Pikr Go, our modern fulfillment tool for brands.

Common Questions


Is inventory compatible with Shopify Markets and Multi-Locations?

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Yes. Pikr is 100% compatible.
Is inventory sync automatic?
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Yes. Pikr will keep all your inventory and warehouse locations in sync as orders happen.
Does Pikr use the product location for picking?
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Yes. Pikr will automatically group and assign orders to pickers based on many variables, including the product location.
How is the QR code used?
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Many eCommerce brands do not use product barcodes. While picking with the Pikr Go mobile app, pickers will be able to Scan to Pick or simply double-check the product is correct.
Where should QR codes be placed?
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Fix to the shelf or the cardboard box holding the products. No need to attach 100's of barcodes for each individual unit.

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