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Tame the chaos of picking, packing and shipping.
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Realtime inventory updates

Pikr not only syncs orders, automatically sync inventory to harmonize fulfillment.

Automated order sync

Never worry about outdated orders - pick and ship orders reliably.

Smart multi-location fulfillment

Intelligent fulfillment routing. Easily handle multiple warehouses and stores.

Bulk shipping. Powerful workflows.

Connect and ship trusted shipping carriers.

Lock and batch pick orders.

Never miss an order update. Never print a paper pick list again.

100% Multi-location support

Orders are automatically routed for fulfillment - 100% compatible with Shopify.

Pick with 100% accuracy.

Built to handle the chaos.

Tame the chaos of fulfillment - no context switching.

Manage picking, automate shipping labels and fulfill orders - all in Pikr.

Powerful bulk workflows.

Bulk buy shipping labels
Bulk fulfill orders
Manage orders for all your stores

Orders auto synced.

Automate pre-orders and backorders.
Pick and pack orders in realtime.
Never miss an order update.

New - Picking totes

Pick, sort and fulfill workflows - now supported.
Keep orders sorted during picking.
Works seamlessly with mobile picking app.

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1. Connect your store

Connect all your Shopify stores to Pikr.

2. All the essentials imported

We import your inventory, locations and orders and setup automated syncing for all future order and inventory updates.

3. Start fulfilling orders

Connect your carriers. Ready for you to pick, pack and ship.

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