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Benefits and upgrades

At Pikr, we have seen brands benefit the most once they have grown to larger team sizes and are managing multiple staff picking and dispatching orders.

Pikr orders table only

With Pikr realtime pick and pack

Manually assign orders
Orders automatically assigned to pickers
Manual item batching
Orders batched for efficient picking
Prone to human error (duplicates)
Multiple pickers and packers working concurrently
Paper pick lists
Mobile picking app
Human error and duplicate fulfillment
Auto handling of collision and duplicates
Wasted time with paper pick lists
Realtime order updates
Suited for smaller teams
Built to scale up during peak periods
Item mispick errors
Optional product barcode scan to check
Manual checking
Handle backorders and preorders

Example workflow

Step 1.
A new order arrives,
automate handling of backorders.

Automations are run and actions applied.

Realtime inventory level aware updates
Backorders are not assigned for picking
Pick and ship multiple brands from one warehouse.

Step 2.
Pickers are automatically assigned orders

Orders automatically assigned for picking
Items automatically batched

Intelligent duplicate and collision prevention

Step 3. (Optional)
Assign picking totes to sort while picking

Sort while picking
Packers can keep track from pack stations
Faster hand off for packing

Step 4.
Seamless hand off from picker to pack station.

Once pickers have checked off all items, transfer orders to a Pack Station to complete the picking run.

Efficient uninterrupted workflow
Instant hand off
Supports flexible workflows: e.g. 10 pickers and 2 pack stations.

Step 5.
Pack, ship and fulfill orders. Done!

Buy and print shipping labels
Always in sync with order updates
Fulfill orders to complete the workflow

4. Fulfill and dispatch orders in realtime

Never miss an order update. A system that keeps your orders, inventory, pickers and packers in perfect sync.

Hold Orders with Partial Inventory
Supports Pre Order Filtering
Flexible fulfillment workflow

Save $thousands in operational costs.
Workflows that scale as you scale.

Connect all your brands and seamlessly pick, pack and ship orders in realtime with less errors and better efficiency.

Common Questions


Will orders be automatically assigned to pickers?
Yes - orders will be automatically assigned to connected staff for picking. Each order is unique and locked to staff in realtime - never worry about duplicate fulfillments.
Can orders be auto-assigned based on the shortest picking path?
Yes - if you have setup bins and backup bins for your inventory in Pikr.
Do I need an external barcode scanner?
No. The Pikr Go app has a built-in barcode scanner. (Compatible with IOS and Android smartphone/tablet devices)
Can I have many pickers and one packing station setup?
Yes! You can setup as many pickers as you want. Pickers can hand off orders to a single Pack Station.
How do pickers hand off orders for packing and shipping?
Pickers will be able to instantly bump orders into online Pack Stations. (Similar to a waiter in a restaurant handing orders off to cooks)
Do I need to manually assign orders?
Orders are auto assigned and locked for picking. (Optional: Pickers can manually select and lock orders if required.)
Can I skip orders with partial inventory in stock?
Yes. Pikr has automations that will allow you to handle preorders, backorders, pickup orders etc.
Can I use the orders table also?
Yes. Workflows are highly flexible. For example, some users bulk buy shipping labels using the orders table before picking and packing.

Upgrade your operations

Unify order automations, picking and shipping - save hours each week.


Bin slotting
Backup slotting
Realtime inventory updates
Product dimensions

Live Pick and Pack

Smart order picking queue
Live orders
Order Update Aware
Inventory level Aware
Automated Order Assignment
Optimal Picking Path
Zero Duplicate Fulfillments
Multi-device sync
Picking devices
Picking device - staff login
Shipping display systems

Unlock better fulfillment.

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