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Pikr Go
Pick, pack and ship.
In realtime.

Modern fulfillment tools built for DTC brands.
Pick, pack and ship orders in real time.

Increase Productivity

Eliminate fulfillment errors. Orders are always up to date.

1-Tap Wireless Transfer

Pick from any smartphone or tablet. Instantly transfer into our workstation web app.

Built for Scale

Have workers? Pikr is built to handle multiple concurrent staff.


Orders are automatically assigned. Never worry about duplicate fulfillments.

Picking workflow with Pikr Go.

Built to handle the chaos of fulfillment.

Picking path routing
Eliminate paper pick lists
Pick as orders happen in realtime

Never miss an update with instant order and inventory sync.

With Pikr, orders are instantly synced.

Orders are locked to each picker
Automated collision handling
Realtime support - pick orders as they come in from Shopify.

Common Questions

Does this work with multiple users?
Yes. Pikr will automatically assign orders to each picker and ensure that there are no collisions and duplicates.
How are orders decided for picking?
You will be able to change picking priority via options (e.g. orders with express shipping first).
Does Pikr optimise for picking paths?
Yes. If you have setup product locations via the Pikr Inventory Hub, Pikr will automatically assign orders based upon the shortest path.
Can the picker and packer be separate workers?
Yes. Pickers can wirelessly bump picked orders into packing workstations. A worker at the packing workstation will then be able to purchase and print shipping labels, pack the order and mark the order as fulfilled.
Will each picker need a smartphone?
Yes. Each picker will need a smartphone / tablet with a camera to use Pikr Go.
What is the basic setup?
Each pick and packer will need a smartphone. A packing workstation will require a laptop/desktop connected to your label printer.
Can Pikr Go scan product barcodes?
Yes. Pikr Go has a barcode scanner built-in. This keeps the picking process a one-handed operation.
What types of barcode are compatible?
Most barcodes are compatible. Users will also be able to scan the smart inventory QR codes generated inside of Pikr.
Is barcode scanning required?
No. Scanning product barcodes is optional and can be used if users need to double check.
Does Pikr plan to integrate with external barcode scanners in the future?
The Pikr Go picking app has a built in scanner compatible with QR and most product barcodes.

Harmonize fulfillment.

A system that seamlessly connects your stores orders, inventory levels and pick and packing staff, so orders get shipped to customers faster and with less errors.

Multi-location support

Seamlessly manage up to 50+ locations. All from one dashboard.

Automated order sync

Never worry about outdated orders.

Instant inventory sync

Pikr not only syncs orders, automatically sync inventory to harmonize fulfillment.

Automated fulfillment routing

Inventory aware fulfillment splitting.

Bulk labels, super fast

Create shipping and return labels.

Shipping that scales

Negotiate directly, save up to 75%

Inventory smart QR codes

Keeps track while picking and packing.

Unified pick and packing

A new and better way to pick and pack.

Easily verify customer addresses

Automatic fine grained address checks.