Phaser FPV x Pikr

Quick Demos

Our team has created video demos of features we think will be useful for optimising fulfillment at Phaser FPV.

Harmonize fulfillment.

A system that seamlessly connects your stores orders, inventory levels and pick and packing staff, so orders get shipped to customers faster and with less errors.

Multi-location support

Seamlessly manage up to 50+ locations. All from one dashboard.

Automated order sync

Never worry about outdated orders.

Instant inventory sync

Pikr not only syncs orders, automatically sync inventory to harmonize fulfillment.

Automated fulfillment routing

Inventory aware fulfillment splitting.

Bulk labels, super fast

Create shipping and return labels.

Shipping that scales

Negotiate directly, save up to 75%

Inventory smart QR codes

Keeps track while picking and packing.

Unified pick and packing

A new and better way to pick and pack.

Easily verify customer addresses

Automatic fine grained address checks.