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Never worry about outdated orders - pick and ship orders reliably.

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Lock and pick orders - hand off for shipping.

Instantly hand off for shipping

With Pikr Pack and Ship displays - buy shipping labels and fulfill orders.

Tame the chaos of fulfillment

Manage picking, automate shipping labels and fulfill orders - all in Pikr.

Multi-location support

Seamlessly manage up to 50+ locations. All from one dashboard.

Realtime inventory updates

Pikr not only syncs orders, automatically sync inventory to harmonize fulfillment.

Automate complex shipping rules

Split shipping labels using smart rules.

Compare Pikr with legacy solutions

New tools. New ways to operate.

Shipping and tracking
Instant order sync (as they happen)
Multi-device sync
Realtime warehouse operations
Realtime picking
Realtime shipping
Auto-bundle eparcel shipments
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