New Pikr Offer: 
Get instant Band 3 savings with MyPost Business

Pikr has partnered with Australia Post to give you instant Band 3 Savings for 12 weeks. You’ll save up to 30% on domestic and up to 25% on international parcels.

Already signed up? If you signed up to your MyPost Business account from the 1st June 2022, you’ll still be eligible for this offer.

Use Promo Code: MPB23$ 
How to start saving:
1. Sign up for a MyPost Business account
2. Log in to the MyPost Business online portal
3. Select ‘Business Details’ from the menu under your name, then select ‘Promo code’
4. Enter promo code MPB23$

Offer expires 31/05/2023

Pikr makes connecting Australia Post to Shopify easy.

MyPost Business

MyPost Business





Powerful Fulfillment with Realtime Picking, Packing and Shipping

Pikr is an official partner of Australia Post. Connect your Shopify stores to start shipping today. Australia Post offers flexible ways to send parcels to your customers to Australia and overseas.

Never Import Again.

One dashboard for all your Shopify stores. No importing, no exporting required.

Powerful Shipping

Ship orders, manage returns, create return shipping labels and schedule pickups.

Ship faster.

Buy and print shipping labels, book pickups in 1-click.

Big savings.

Save up to 89% on shipping labels.

Harmonize your fulfillment.

Pick, pack, ship, create return labels, schedule pickups and fulfill orders.

Auto Sync. Unlimited Orders.

Simply connect your stores. One Workspace.
Pikr automatically syncs orders, returns and inventory.

Auto Inventory Sync
Auto Order Sync
Inventory-aware fulfillment splitting

Pick, pack and ship.

Any action, super fast.
Get orders shipped in minutes not hours.

Shipping and return labels
Route fulfillment
End to end tracking from one dashboard

Launch a returns portal in minutes.

Customize with your own branding and return reasons.
Display return estimates minus shipping costs.

Realtime return shipping costs
Set return time windows
Approve and deny returns from Pikr dashboard